Here's what to expect


*Contemporary music that worships God. Worshiping God is our highest  priority. We‘re in love with Jesus Christ and enjoy nothing more than telling Him, especially by singing to Him, clapping or lifting our hands in praise. 

  *A clear message from the Bible that makes sense today. We want to hear the Word of God taught in a practical, inspiring, applicable way. We aim to hear and obey His word and become “doers of the Word” being transformed into  the likeness of Christ.

 *Real people in a relaxed & casual atmosphere. We value simplicity and desire to minister as Jesus modeled in a naturally supernatural way. We strive to create a climate that is relaxed and comfortable, yet full of heavenly expectation.   We believe church is a place to experience and connect with  God’s love and healing for all. 

 *Everyone Gets To Play. When you become a believer, God “gifts” you spiritually, giving you a specific role or task and the grace to get the job done. Whether it’s serving, giving, leading, praying & interceding, prophesying, teaching, or encouraging, each one has a role or function within the church. 

*Worship: One of our priorities here at VCC is in modeling and enjoying  family worship.